Monday, January 28, 2008

BSM-Rainy days

Olivia in b&w watching the rain

It's been raining A LOT, here the last few days. I'm not complaining, but the girls are getting a little stir crazy. When Olivia doesn't get out, she starts running back and forth on the L-shaped couch, doing dives from the recliner, and starts rock climbing the fireplace!!! Dan's had a cold, and you know how men are when they have a cold ; ) So, I'm glad he's feeling a bit better and went to work today! Actually, he wasn't that bad. I went and got him some cold medicine and he rested up, which if you know him, he never does! We all got to catch up on some movies this weekend, play alot of Wii, computer games, and I actually got BOTH of the girls rooms cleaned up! A miracle! I've left it off for sooo long. I think they're both enjoying having a clean room and finding new toys that they had forgotten about.

Here's another of Dan and the girls enjoying watching the rain....
Dan & his girls

For more Best Shot Monday's go to Tracey's blog, Mother May I. And if you haven't seen her new baby yet, it's a must! It's called Shutter Sisters and portrays the work of some talented moms and photographers. Check it out!

Oh, and, a big THANKS to Joanne over at An Unschooling Life for the Blogger award! I'm in some great company with the other award recipients. Be sure to check out her blog for some inspiration and sharing about hers and others unschooling lives and journeys!
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