Thursday, January 17, 2008

Theme Thursday - Winter

Winter berries in nana's garden
This is about as "winter" as it gets here. These pretty red berries are in my mom's backyard. She has a beautiful little garden that I like to share photos of here. It's been pretty warm here lately, in the 70s. So, we've been enjoying a lot of time outdoors.

Violet's interest in sewing has been re-sparked by the Nintendo DS Designer game she got for Christmas (it really is a lot of fun!). You get to chose a model, design her clothes, pick her makeup and hairstyle, and create lines for customers and well as do a photo shoot. We also both enjoy watching Project Runway on Bravo. She has been wanting to learn to sew for some time now, so yesterday, we went out back and sat on a blanket and she started sewing a little dress for one of her cabbage patch dolls. Earlier, we went through her drawers and were pulling out clothes that didn't fit, and she asked me if she could use some of the material to make clothes with for her dolls. I said "sure!" She then drew some new designs on some paper while we were still inside, and then she picked out some fabrics and asked for my sewing box. I showed her how to make a simple little dress with elastic across the top. She wanted to sew by hand. She grew tired quickly of making the hem by hand, so looks like I'll have to get out the sewing machine soon. There'll be a learning curve for us both, since I usually just make hems! LOL. It's fun to see her interest in sewing & designing develop and I hope I can provide what she needs to continue with it (Nana, we may need your help here!) She had wanted to sign up for sewing with 4H, but wasn't old enough yet (you need to be 9 yrs old). But, I explained to her that maybe they want to be sure the girls are mature enough to stick with the project and to be patient as it can be a slow paced process. I think she understood that once she sat and started hemming by hand. In the meantime, we'll continue with our little sewing projects and perhaps she'll decide to continue with it.
Designing for Cabbage Patch dolls
CPK designs
CPK Designs
Sewing a CPK dress
What better workspace than outside in the grass on a beautiful sunny Southern California day! (sorry, don't mean to brag!!!)

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