Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Just some stuff....

Violet on the tire pony
I'm really loving this photo of Violet. We spent the day at our friends house yesterday, and I had fun taking photos of her garden and of course, the kids. And, if I had posted it in time for Best Shot Monday, this would have been it! ; ) awww, I'll sneak it in anyway!
Some of you have asked for an "after" photo of Olivia. We went to "one of those not so super cut" haircut stores the next day, and both girls got a cut. I'm not so happy with them, but will do for now. I promised Violet we'd go get it cut again in about a month at a salon that'll do a better job....
My girls
This was taken the day after the haircuts. Violet wanted some pink hair dye. While there, Olivia wanted the blue. They both decided to dress up and agreed to let me take photos. I took some in the studio and some out in the field next to us. I have a cute one that I'll post tomorrow for Valentine's day. They had fun running around, it's so green and pretty right now.
Dan signed Olivia up for t-ball and she started this weekend.
Livie at bat
She could swim in the batting helmut, but she's having a great time!
Red duct tape walletDuct tape wallet
Violet & I had fun making these duct tape wallets recently at the local scrapbook store. They have a lot of fun classes there. We're going to look online and see what else we can make out of duct tape! I'll be sure to share this fun craft with our friends.
Thank you for the award, Flo. So nice of you to think of me, and glad I now have a link to your blog ; ) I think Joanne gave me this one too (belated thank you Joanne!!!), and I couldn't figure out how to post it......but I'll figure it out and pass it on to some more great blogs!

edit: Found the link (to make the duct tape wallets), it's rpi-polymath.com.
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