Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mud, mud, I love mud!!!!

Rich soil

There's a song we like to sing sometimes, which perfectly describes this photo!

Mud, mud, I love mud
I'm absolutely, positively wild about mud
Can't go around it, got to go through it
Wonderful, fabulous, super duper mud!

Dan tilled the garden for us last week, so we've been wanting to go out and put in the seeds. So, yesterday Violet wanted to go out there and plant some. Turns out the soil was still very moist from the recent rains, very muddy! So, instead she just wanted to play in it. She was barefoot and enjoyed the feel of the mud between her toes! She made a few mud pies and put them on the railroad ties wall. We didn't get any seeds planted but it was fun watching her enjoy the mud so much.
Mud, mud, I love mud
Olivia was in the house playing on the computer. She's had a slight fever the last few days, and not feeling herself, so she stayed in and played on the computer all day. She enjoyed watching it sideways! How cool that you can do that with a laptop. I should of thought of that when I was working from home years ago! : )

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