Monday, February 25, 2008

Rainy days and interesting finds...

Pretty sunset

Lots of rain lately!!! I'm finally getting a bit tired of it. Although, it is making everything green and pretty. Dan tilled the garden, so the ground is getting lots of moisture and will probably result in a nice garden this year. I missed having one last year, and we had had a great one the first year that we were here. We found some interesting things around here lately, partly due to the rain.

Slug bug

This slug, which we find many of around the dog's bowl. And this....

Violet and the giant mushroom

A Gi-normous Mushroom, which Dan found in the field next to us!

Basket of laundry

There's been lots of snuggling, and cuddling, and just plain old staying warm! Olivia found a nice warm basket of warm blankets straight out of the dryer to cuddle in while she was watching the Pokemon Marathon.

Busy at the laptop

And, they've both been playing on the computers a lot. Violet's been playing on her Bratz laptop . She was making some haiku and playing some games on it. Olivia enjoys NickJr and Noggin's and the Sesame Street websites to play games on, on rainy days.

And finally, my Best Shot Monday is this photo of Olivia. She had been inside in just her undies, when Dan had told them about this giant mushroom he had found in the field next to us. Olivia rushed to put some clothes on to go outside and see it and this is what she came up with. Gotta love her style, gotta love the goggles, for the rain of course!!!

Too cool!

For more Best Shot Mondays, please be sure to check out Mother May I, who just happens to be blogging about rainy days too, today!

MotherMayI button

****edit***** found some interesting info on the slugs. They are leopard slugs, and they have some very interesting mating habits. If you'd like to learn more, or maybe your kids would be interested there is a website I found here.
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