Sunday, February 3, 2008

Unschooling Voices issue #13: Exploring interests

Julie's new outfit
As previously posted, Violet has really been excited about learning to sew. Since I am a bit sewing handicapped, (no snickering, nana!) I asked nana over to help out. First, we had to figure out how to get my machine from keep tangling up the thread (I had it threaded incorrectly) and get the tension right (where is that darn manual!) and how to use a pattern correctly (I sewed the yoke backward!). Then, on with the sewing. I actually left the room and let Violet and nana proceed with the sewing, I had caused enough damage! They were very successful and created a really cute floral dress for Violet's latest AG doll Julie.

Unschooling Voices #12 is currently up, and hosted this month by Relaxed Homeskool. The topics were; writing an unschool manual in 400 words or less, or an Unschooling Images meme. I chose to participate in the meme and you can find it here.

For next month's issue #13 the topic is :

What do you do, as an unschooling parent, when your child expresses an interest in a particular topic and you don't know how to help them in a way that doesn't involve lesson plans and curriculum?

So, I decided to submit this entry. As you can see I don't know how to sew very well, so I recruited my mom, who I knew could sew pretty well, to help out. I couldn't just let the interest drop, because I didn't know the topic well, I sought out someone that I knew did know it well and could help her learn how to do it. When my kids have an interest in something, I will do what I can to provide what they need to learn it. It may be as simple as looking it up on the internet, checking a book out at the library, or asking a friend or relative to help out. I think there's always a way to help explore the interest.

If you'd like to post and share your thoughts about this topic, please join us at Unschooling Voices.
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