Thursday, March 13, 2008

Big Bear - Theme Thursdays (change)

I saved these photos from last weekend at Big Bear for Theme Thursdays them this week which is change. We've been going up to Big Bear and staying in a cabin with our dear friends for about the last 4-5 years. Year to year, you can see the changes in our children as they grow a year older. But, one unchanging fact is that we've remained friends, and our children have remained friends, and we always seem to pick up just where we've left off. Big changes are seen in the kids as they go through various stages of development. The girls spend more time talking, sharing experiences, sharing thoughts then so much of the physical playing. They both enjoy their electronics, playing with nintendos, ipods, idogs and whatever other i-stuff was in their backpacks!!! The little ones still are very active, and actually much more mobile and daring and energetic! They love jumping on the beds (we could hear the thumping from downstairs!) running around in the snow, climbing, making forts. One of their favorite climbing places was the Big Bear sculpture in front of the Discovery Center. They spent a good hour climbing and playing pretend games on it.
Big Bear Discovery Center
I guess you can say the adults are going through changes as well. Both my friend Tracy and I need glasses for reading now (it's that turning 40 thing I guess), we're both content to stay at the cabin, watch the kids, and relax than going skiing! The men both went snow boarding, but found they were not as fit as they've been in previous years! They had a great time, but had a few minor aches later on.

The traveling both to and from Big Bear was gorgeous! There were poppies and lavendar on the 15 coming up from San Diego through Fallbrook and Rainbow. Along the 215 going through Temecula Valley the hillsides and fields were covered with poppies, and with the snow capped mountains in the background and beautiful blue skies it was a very enjoyable trip!
View from March AFB/hwy 215

snow capped Big Bear

Big Bear Mountain

All in all, a very lovely weekend, with good friends! Looking forward to next year! For more photos of our weekend check out my Big Bear flicker set. And for more take on this week's Thursday theme go to Land of Ka .
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