Thursday, March 20, 2008

Born to be wild!

Dan on his new bike
I'm sooo sorry, but can't help but hear this tune in my head when I see him on his bike, even though his "wild" days are long far gone. My hubby's been wanting a Harley for a long time now, and we've both talked about it, and both decided he should have it. Look at that big grin. I haven't been on the back of it yet, but I did get a helmet this weekend, so as soon as I have someone to watch the girls for a little while, we'll be off for a little ride. Something about a guy on a Harley, mmm sexy! I'm not worried about him being wild on it, after all we're in our 40s and and have kids to care for. But, I think it'll be a nice release for him to take off on some nice scenic rides, with or without me, maybe with his buddy down the road, who also just got one. There goes that tune again......
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