Monday, March 3, 2008

Opening Days & Opening Nights

Olivia & friend

Having never been a softball or baseball player, or having any family members ever having been big on it either, I had noooo idea how huge the whole baseball/tball opening days hoopla was! Dan was big into baseball as a kid and teen, and even still occasionally joins up with the adult teams, so when he signed up Olivia for tball, I thought it'd be fun and good exercise for her, and especially since she really likes the boys, a new opportunity to make new friends (both boys and girls play in her age group). It all started with a parade of the teams around the fields, starting with the Pony league (4-6yrs) up to the older boys that play. They rode in the back of pick up trucks (yes, I was sweating big time over that!!! and insisted hubby follow alongside!) with their coaches and rounded the fields as the parents and fans waved and cheered as they went by. She had the biggest smile on her face and just looked sooo excited and happy, I was so proud and happy for her. Then, all the teams met on the field and the Board members were recognized for their work and efforts to update the fields and concessions. Everything was freshly painted and the fields were redone. Supervisor Diane Jacobs threw the first official ball for the season opening. The firefighters, sheriffs and volunteers were recognized for their efforts during the fires. There was music and barbeques, balloons & banners. A helicopter landed in the next field and there were photographers and film crew. I'm talking huge event! Afterwards, we headed over to Olivia's first t-ball game ever. Her team, the Sandgnats played the Muckdogs. Nana & Grandpa came as well, to cheer her on. They play 3 innings and all of the kids got to play both outfield and at bat. Olivia kept with it and hit the ball, ran bases, and threw balls. It was really fun to watch!



Hitting the ball

We also had an Opening Night! About 2 years ago, Violet performed as Christopher Columbus in a Kidz History movie called Coming to America. The movie has finally been completed and was played at the International Family Film Festival in Hollywood, CA at the Raleigh Theater on Saturday Night. We had to drive about 3 hours and hit a lot of traffic towards the end, but we made it and got to enjoy the screening and afterwards there was a Q&A for the kids that were in it. It was pretty exciting stuff. The movie will be coming out on dvd eventually, so I'll be sure to post about it. It's a really great historical movie that kids will really enjoy. We really enjoyed the first one, The Revolutionary War, and the kids have watched it again, since seeing the latest one.

Check them out at Kidz history's website!

Also, can't let today go by without saying
"Happy Birthday!!!!" to my brother Martin!
Hope you had a terrific day!

Just learned that Coming to America won a Best Educational Short at the IFFF! Congratulations to Heather & Holly DeLuca, the producers/directors of the movie. They did a fantastic job with the movie!

Also, Violet blogged about it some time ago and has a photo of herself dressed as Christopher Columbus.
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