Thursday, March 20, 2008

Penny Pickle, Penny Pickle, Penny Pickle

rainbow sphere
Quick! Say it 3 times quickly!!! LOL! We had fun looking for Penny Pickles and doing a scavenger hunt at the Children's Imagination Station, Kids Museum, in Temecula this week. It's a wonderful interactive kids museum with lots of neat science facts and hands on science activities for the kids to enjoy. You go through the different rooms looking for Professor Penny Pickles clues by finding "a Penny, and a Pickle" which indicates there is an interactive activity there. There are optical illusions, magnets, pumps, chemical interactions, mirrors, music, to name just a few. The kids were also both given a scavenger hunt sheet with things to find in the various rooms, both geared toward their ages in level of difficulty.


Afterwards, we were to meet some good friends down visiting from Eureka, (N. CA). We first had some lunch at Daniel's Cafe, where I had a wonderful veggie panini with oven baked tomatoes, pesto, & swiss cheese & an iced chai tea. A little pricey, but it was wonderful! The girls had a ham and a turkey sandwich and both really enjoyed them. We walked around a little and visited the flag and garden shop (forgot the name of it), but it has beautiful garden flags, and twirlers out front. We then went across the way and visited a train shop. It was so funny, shopkeepers always assume that all girls will be girly, and suggested the pink girl's train set. I advised him my girl loved blue, and would probably prefer something else! We went to the old Temecula jail, where a few "guys" were doing time. We then met up with our friends and proceeded to the park down the road. The girls had a wonderful time climbing the stair/statue/structure (of course!!!) and Olivia and Sydney, who are only a few months apart got along very well! I overheard Olivia asking her, "do you love me?", after Sydney said "yes" Olivia asked again, "do you really love me?" and Sydney said "I have enough love for everyone!" (I think she meant for both Violet & Olivia, as Violet was standing close by) That made Olivia quite happy.

Temecula Valley Museum

There was also the Temecula Valley Museum right next to the park, which the girls all decided that they wanted to go in and check out. We all enjoyed seeing the displays there, and finally ended up in a dress up area which had old fashioned clothes and cowboy clothes to dress up in. The Old Town was beautiful, all the trees in blossom and many little garden areas, and little shops.

The girls are all here!

We had a lovely time with our friends then headed over to Nana's for a short visit with my aunt & uncle who are visiting from England. They are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary! We had gone to Pala Resort (Indian reservation casino & resort) for brunch on their actual anniversary day last Saturday and will get to continue to see them for the next few weeks during their visit. Violet had fun looking up places in a map book with them, I think she may have surprised them with her knowledge of places in the world! I love when we have our English relatives visiting, which is almost at least once a year (my mum has 7 brothers & sisters). Because, not only do we get to see them and visit with them, but I think it's a wonderful opportunity for the kids to learn about another country's customs, and language and cultural differences (you should hear the dinner table conversations!) . My mum pulls out the photo albums and I sit and go through the photos with the kids and point out us in younger days as well as other relatives that they have yet to meet. There was a photo of me at Olivia's age, and I was really amazed at the similarities. I hadn't realized until I looked at that particular photo, how much she looks like me! We had a wonderful homecooked meal (my mum's the best cook!) of roast beef, mashed potatoes, fresh carrots and green beans, mum setting a nice table as usual! Then, nana sat and spent some time with the girls, reading to Olivia one of her favorite books, The Paperbag Princess, and Kronk, Thump, Bonk! We had a really wonderful day!

Paper Bag Princess

Uncle Ray

Oh! And Happy 1st day of Spring! Here's a few pictures to put you in the mood for Spring!
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