Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Around the bend..........

around the bend
I love this bend around the corner from us. There's a little stream nearby where we find tadpoles, huge fields currently filled with wildflowers, and beautiful Mt Woodson in the backdrop. Livie recognizes this landmark now as being close to "home" and lets me know if I've taken a "wrong" turn, if I pass it up!wildflowers around the bend2
As I pulled the car over to take some photos one evening, Olivia wanted to get out and she rolled around in the tall grass. I warned her there may be snakes, so she became more cautious, but still enjoyed exploring for a little bit. I love to stop and "smell the roses" or wildflowers in this case, so much more often since we've moved here. There's so many beautiful things to see and sometimes you just have to pause, stop and be in the moment, see the wonder in your child's eyes and feel the breeze on your face.
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