Monday, April 14, 2008

Earth Day at Blue Sky Reserve & BSM

This is my pick for Best Shot Monday over at Mother May I. I like it because it portrays and respresents the Recovery and New Life that has sprung from the Earth after the devastating Witch Creek Fire which destroyed much of the San Diego area in October 2007. A perfect reminder for Earth Day, which we celebrated on Saturday at the Blue Sky Ecological Reserve in Poway, CA. Blue Sky is a wonderful reserve with trails that go all the way to Ramona Lake. For Earth Day they had many wonderful booths that taught us all about water conservation, local animals, tracking, planting trees, the local Kumeyaah-Ipai Indians, as well as some fun crafts; making a recycled snake out of toilet paper rolls, and nature collage pictures with dried plants.
Here's a few more from the day with our Girl Scout troop.
that's pretty interesting stuff!
The younger ones were really interested in learning about the bows & arrows at the Kumeyaah-Ipai table.
Checking out the new growth
We did a scavenger hunt, looking for various plants and landmarks along the trail.
Wild cucumbers
There was lots of interesting plant species that I had not seen before, such as these wild cucumbers. We learned that the birds like to eat the seeds from inside these prickly plants, and the native Indians used them to paint their faces with.
Just call me Dodder....
I've seen this webby orange viney looking plant growing abundantly along the 78 highway while driving through San Pasqual Valley (over by San Diego Wild Animal Park) and often wondered what it is. It is called "dodder" and is a parasitic plant and from the Morning Glory family. It's also called love vine, or devil's guts. For more interesting things we learned about and saw, feel free to check out my Flickr set.
Our troop with the Rangers
Our troop and siblings all had a great time, and went and had a picnic lunch and playtime at the local Poway Lake park afterwards.
Although, Earth Day is not actually until April 22nd on the calendar, Blue Sky reminds us to Celebrate Earth Day Everyday!!!
Now, go plant a tree!!!
Celebrate Earth Day!!!
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