Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fairy chasing

Fairy field guide & catching kit
Violet bought a Fairy catching kit at B&N yesterday with a gift certificate and some birthday money. She's had a fascination with fairies for some time and has been wanting to have fairy party, which we had decided we would do this Spring. Yesterday, we spent some time in the garden with her new tools.
This way to the fairy garden
This way to the garden......
Fairy tools
She had some fairy dust, a little net, a little cage to hold them in and a magnifying glass (for the really small ones!)
Leaving some treats for the fairies
We left out some food for them, because fairies like cheese and fruit and birdseed, too!
Fairy cage
We followed the fairy dust trails and quickly caught a queen fairy who was injured and hungry.
We caught a fairy
We took care of her, visited with her, then released her to be with all the other fairies soon after.
We plan on visiting with and having a party for the fairies again very soon! For a glimpse through a fairies eyes go to my photoblog, Mailboxes, etc.
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