Thursday, April 10, 2008

Straw bale homes & other stuff learned

As unschoolers you never know what your children are going to learn day to day, in new places, with new people, but it's bound to happen and is so wonderful and awesome to see take place. I took the girls to a local home to check out a new Waldorf program that will be starting up. I know little about Waldorf, but knew that it would involve lots of art, play, gardening, and being outdoors. Everyone brought picnic snacks and were there to ask questions of the lady that would be heading it up. First of all, the location was out of the main town area in a beautiful, remote valley with oak trees, meadows, and the owners were building a new home from straw bales after having lost their original home during the Cedar Fire 4 years ago. It is a beautiful Spanish looking style home (which I absolutely ADORE!!!) While the moms were talking, the owner took the kids around and showed them how the home was being built. Violet later told me there was a "truth" window which showed the straw bales between the walls. The home is also going to be powered by solar panels. Also, while there, the owners had a port-a-potty, because the bathrooms were not completed yet, and the port-a-potty company came to pump and clean it out. Maybe not the sweetest smelling thing to learn about ; ) but definately interesting! Another "stinky" observation was that there were hundreds of little black stink bugs about by the hay stack. One little boy was collecting them in a jar for observation, and told me he would be releasing them when he was done looking at them.
Stink beetle

On top of the bales
The kids had a great time hay stack jumping, which I found completely amazing the lack of fear that some of the kids had (my girls just observed-though I'm sure Olivia would love to try it some day soon enough!), and their agility and skills in jumping them. It was really cool to see such energetic, free children enjoying a beautiful day in a beautiful locale.
Straw bale jumping
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