Monday, May 19, 2008

CRES Center at Wild Animal Park

The kids with Ms. Robin at the CRES center
The kids had the wonderful opportunity to go to the CRES - Conservation and Research for Endangered Species center last week with our girl scout troop. It's an amazing center right next to the Wild Animal Park in San Pasqual. Ms. Robin took the kids around the entire center and showed them the different labs and took them to a classroom where they learned about the California Condor. She also engaged them in an experiment where they got to use electronic trackers to track down a "baby condor" (the stuffed, furry kind).
searching for a baby condor
Afterwards, we got to enjoy the park and spend a nice beautiful day walking around and playing and seeing all of the amazing animals that are there.
Feeding the lorikeets
Violet feeding a lorikeet.
Lion cubs
The lion cubs
Riding a rhino
The kids had a wonderful time!

Oh, and Olivia was having a nice weekend with her Nana while we were there, and later joined us at the park, then off to her tball game later that evening.
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