Thursday, May 1, 2008

He & Me & she and them and we and...........

Almost there......

At the top!
The girls went with Dan to Rock Solid an indoor rock climbing facility for a He & Me girlscout evening. At first Violet was a bit hesitant, and on her first try went about 1/2 way up. After watching the other girls in the group, she got braver and eventually made it all the way to the top! It was pretty exciting. Olivia, who I thought would have no problems going up was a bit more intimidated by the height of the walls. She went up about 5 or 6 foot and that was enough for her! She had more fun bouncing on the pads below with her little Daisy friend. They both enjoyed pizza and other treats with their dads afterwards. I think it is something they will enjoy doing again some day in the future.
Just hanging around!
Olivia had fun being hoisted around by her belt by the instructor.

Other fun stuff we've been up to....made some really cool girl scout tshirts, several library trips, Escondido Children's Museum with friends (I'm hoping Dawn posts photos of it over at her blog : ) at This Life is Worth Living as I forgot my camera). Afterwards, we went to Grape Park which has these really cool giant grapes and vines that the kid love climbing on. On our way out of the park, we stopped at the Blacksmithing shed where a gentlemen talked to the kids about blacksmithing and quizzed them (I hate when they do that!!) on whether they knew any famous blacksmiths. It wasn't just that he quizzed them, but he did it in a way (once he found they were homeschooled) to make sure that they knew what they were "supposed" to know, or what he thought that they were supposed to know at a particular age. It was a great natural learning opportunity, but I wish he would have just shared his knowledge that he had without questioning them, and putting them on the spot. The kids were really excited to see him brand a piece of wood for each of them with a smiley face and I think they did learn something about some famous blacksmiths (Thomas Jefferson, Paul Revere) and who knows, may even take an interest in it in the future. He also informed us that they have blacksmithing classes for ROP students who are 18. I think it's really cool that they are keeping the trade alive, since, as he mentioned, most things are made by factories and machines now.
Afterwards, we stopped at the library where they had mariachi music, games, and free books. It was VERY crowded so we proceeded to the kids room to check out a few books. We definately need a new library....our town has outgrown the old one. Fortunately, it is in the works and should be ready by early 2010!
On a sadder note, our Domino has a broken leg and is recuperating in the house. He had a run in with a dog. : ( He's recovering pretty well, but it's sad to see him crying at the sliding glass door with his honey, CeeCee on the other side of the glass crying for him as well. You should see those two when they're together, wrestling around, nibbling each others necks, LOL they really are in LOVE!
broken kitty dreams
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