Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Life is Good ~~~~~Here we come!!!!

We're off to Vancouver, WA for the Life is Good Unschoolers Conference!!!! We went last year and it was a blast! Violet is going to be in the entrepreneur booths with a Life is Good backdrop and will be taking pictures for anyone that wants them for a good price! We're also hosting a Hannah Montana funshop. There's going to be so many funshops this year, it'll be a great time for us all. Olivia and Nana are coming this year. Violet and Olivia plan on singing John Jacob Jingle Heimer Smith in the talent show. Violet's already hooked up with new friends online, and will be seeing many friends from last year. I know Olivia is going to love it, with balloon swordfighting, building blocks, and things on wheels. Here's a clip from last year, so you can see how really fabulous it is. Such joyful, free, loving people, you can tell from the video. You also see many clips of Violet if you look close enough!

Here we come!!!!!!!! (can you tell how excited I am???)
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