Thursday, May 29, 2008

We're home!!! And, Life is VERY Good!!!

"we're flying!!!"
I had to wait a few days to post about the conference, and still not even sure that words can express the way I feel about the 5 days that we spent in Vancouver, WA for the 2nd Annual Life is Good Unschooling Conference. I took many, many photos (of course!)and have many happy memories. As I sit and think about different moments I smile and feel warm inside!

There was LOTS of swimming, with both new friends and old....
Violet, Jazmin & Karen
Violet, Jazmin & Karen
Livie in her Superman floatie swimsuit

Dancing and singing....
Livie rockin' out
Livie dancing in the Hannah Montana funshop into a bag of chips "microphone"!
Violet & Livie
Violet & Olivia at the Barefoot Boogie dancing away

Artwork.....(henna, princess fairy wings, mermaid hair, paperbag puppets)
Henna artwork by Renee
Violet designed and our friend Renee drew over with henna

Livie & Luna
Olivia & Luna playing a memory game
You go girl!!!!
Violet dancing to Dance Revolution

and so much more in my Life is Good flickr set!!! and even more in the Life is Good flickr pool!!!

The speakers were amazing and the circle chats were enlightening. I really enjoyed listening to Diana Jenner share about her spiritual path and took a lot away from Mike Biskup who spoke about The Work and how you can relieve stress by turning around your perception of things by asking yourself a few questions. It really helped when Diana so bravely got up and had a very emotional & beautiful mini-session with him and you could understand and see how it really works! I'm so thankful to Mary Gold aka ZenMomma, and her family for putting together this conference for the 2nd year. The girls both enjoyed the funshops, hanging out with friends, hanging out with Nana (who came with us this year), playing in the pool, walking in the rain. We all enjoyed the Amy Steinberg concert, the Talent show and the Barefoot Boogie. Amy was amazing! So funny and outrageous and a very talented singer and songwriter. She fit in so perfectly with our unschooling group and I can imagine her someday with kids showing up for the unschooling conferences as an unschooling parent! The talent show was amazing! So much wonderful talent in the room. I loved the family that did the opening dance/film number, the macharena girls, zoom racer (Ella!), sword fighters (Cameron & friends), Karen (beautiful creative voice and songwriting) and her little sisters, and oh, so many more, they were all great!!! Violet & Olivia sang John Jacob Jingle Heimer Smith, which was so fun to watch! The Barefoot Boogie was great. We all enjoyed dancing, even Nana!!! Olivia was running around in her star cape with another little boy in a Superman cape. Violet running around dancing and playing tag with her friends. Olivia really enjoyed the toddler room. She played with some other kids and the many toys that were there. Violet was excited to see friends that she had made last year, and also made several new ones this year. I love the kids that she connects with. They always seem to be the artistic, sensitive, friendly type. But then, I think most of the kids there, are! I too, got to see and connect with friends from last year and made a few new ones. It's exciting to talk to so many people who "get" unschooling and live it daily! Especially exciting was seeing so many families from our San Diego Unschoolers group there. We also got to visit with Dan's brother Bruce and his wife Deb while there. Next year, Dan will be coming and we'll probably spend more time up there to visit and do some sightseeing.

We all had a super fantabulous time and are excited about going again next year!!!

I'll probably add more, but for now I think I hit the highlights and will savor them for weeks to come.

Life is Good friends
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