Monday, June 16, 2008

Have a peach?

Lots o' peaches!
We had these wonderful peaches in our peach tree this weekend. There was hundreds of them. Dan & Violet picked about 6 bags full. I made a peach pie with some of them on Saturday. It came out so yummy! I found this easy recipe online. Don't you just love the internet for recipes? You don't even need cookbooks anymore. I'm making another for my dad's birthday today. Happy Birthday Dad! We'll be going for a picnic at the park later on.

farm hand

The tree was just dripping with them!

apple tree

We also have these wonderful apples growing, which will be ready soon.

Our vegetable garden is doing nicely, though smaller this year. We have tomatoes, corn, squash, snappeas, & lettuce. It's so nice to be able to pick fresh vegetables from your own back yard, knowing that they are safe to eat and extra yummy because you grew & picked them yourselves! : ) The kids, especially, like to go pick off the vines and eat it on the spot. It's also great that we get to swap with neighbors. One neighbor brought us some summer squash and oranges. And, I have another friend that's going to be giving me berries. It's great to have our own little co-op going on!

peas in a pod snap peas

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