Thursday, June 19, 2008

My momma brought me up right (actually LEFT)

Do you ever get emails from friends or acquaintances expressing their political/moral/religious views or linking to sites that support their viewpoints and ask you to support it when they have no idea what your viewpoint is? How do feel about it? Do you ignore/delete, do you respond, do you blog about it??? : ) I get them occasionally and it bugs me, but I usually just delete it. I know that my opinions cannot be imposed on them, and it just offends me that they try to impose theirs on me. Many people freely express their opinions on their blogs. I give a hint of it (I guess my title is a big enough hint!), enough so that if you were looking for it you'd know, but I usually don't try to blatently express it. This blog wasn't created for that purpose. But, I do have very strong viewpoints about many issues. I felt very strongly about the gay marriage law that went into effect, so much so that I wanted to blog about it. But I decided against it and instead showed my support by visiting bloggers and websites that shared my opinions. I haven't sent out unsolicited emails to all of my friends and acquaintances asking for their support of my viewpoint. I have friends that share my view and some that don't. Generally, I just stay away from those discussions with those that don't. What are your thoughts? Do you blog about it? Please share in the comments. Please don't share your particular opinions here or rant about your viewpoints being right or moral (however feel free to do so on YOUR blog). Just curious about how you deal with the unsolicited emails, talking to your friends with different viewpoints, does it encourage you to act? (Her email did impact me and caused me to act out and support politically, but not in the manner that she intended!!!)
Back to the email. I told her that I didn't share her viewpoints, asked her why she felt that way, and then asked her not send anymore political/moral/religious emails to me. She had her reasons, and although I don't share her opinions, I read hers and respectively responded. I didn't try to impose my opinions on her and I honestly wanted to know why she supported her viewpoint. I probably won't get ANY more emails from her (she sends a lot of those meme type, chain letter emails anyway, never anything very personal. We were just old neighbors where I used to live).

Nothing I'll miss.
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