Saturday, June 28, 2008

Peach pies galore!

Haven't blogged lately, so here's a little catch up.

Lots o' peaches!
Look at our tree dripping with peaches!!!

Grandpa turned 69 last week and Violet baked him a peach pie with the peaches from our peach tree. It was really yummy. We had so many peaches (from 1 little tree) we were handing out bags to all of our friends, and made several more pies the last 2 weeks.
look! a peach!
Little peach picker.....

Cutting the peaches

She cut them....

Stirring it all up

Mixed them....

Butter pats.....

Measured them....

Then put it in the oven.......
Peach pie in the oven

We enjoyed singing Happy Birthday and eating the pie with some whipped cream & ice cream! YUM!


and Livie helped blow out the candle!

Grandpa blowing out his candle

Happy Birthday Grandpa (& Daddy-to me!) Love YA!

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