Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sleepless in San Diego

Making jewelry

So what happens when you schedule 2 sleepovers back to back? You know where this is going. I think I got about 2 hours sleep last weekend and it took me all week to you know why I had no blog updates, huh? We had a girl scout sleep over one night and we all slept on the floor. It really was a lot of fun (other than the lack of sleep). We had a jewelry making evening. Beading strands, make necklaces with hemp twine and polished rocks and....I showed some of the older girls how to macrame. I loved macraming when I was a kid, about their age. There was a bead shop called Do It To It in Pomona, where I grew up, that mom used to take me to and I learned to macrame there. I enjoyed making necklaces for my friends and for myself and made hanging pot holders. Remember those macrame owls people used to make? I never made one of those, but when I think of macrame, I remember those funny looking things. A couple of the girls really enjoyed it and caught on really quickly. They all made lots of beautiful bracelets, necklaces, anklets and headpieces with the beads. Some even started braiding them in their hair. The little ones had a blast with the smores! They were so excited about it. We sang some girl scout songs and got really silly, made me feel like a young girl again. It's fun to let loose and be silly with the girls.
Crazy girls!!!

So, we slept on the floor (which I haven't done in.....forever!) and therefore the lack of sleep, then the next night, we do it again! Insanity, huh? This time was backyard tent camping with some old friends (actually our old girl scout troop friends). This time I had an air mattress, but I still had trouble sleeping. We had a blast though. Dan came along this time and really hit it off with the other parents. One really fun part; the girls did an impromptu dance routine that my friend's niece (an older girl) helped them with. It was great! They did it in their pjs, in the dark, in front of the tents. Pretty amazing for the short time they rehearsed for it (less than an hour). And, Olivia had a blast playing with her friend Elex. On our drive up their she was so excited the whole way there. She really looks up to him (he's about a year older than her). He's now a skateboarder, and she's really looking forward to trying it herself soon. Olivia was still a baby in a baby carrier when we were with this troop, so it's fun now to see her with these kids that were all so much bigger than her in the past.
Dancing under the stars Big Finale!

Livie & Elex

Fun, but tiring week!
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