Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Strawberry Fields Forever

California Strawberries
MMMMMM! Look at these yummy strawberries. Our troop made a trip out to Carlsbad for some strawberry picking and a docent led walk at Batiquitos Lagoon.
Mmm, strawberries

Buckets full of strawberries

Looks like we'll be having strawberry shortcake, strawberry smoothies, strawberry pies....for days. We got 3 buckets full! I see some internet research going on this week!

Batiquitos Lagoon Nature Center
Livie & AJ at the Nature Center
Found some tadpoles on the nature walk. The docent, Dave, was really great. He knew so much about all of the plants and animals in the area. He pointed out some interesting things that we would have easily just walked by and overlooked. I found the millipedes very interesting, so much bigger than I thought they were (didn't get a picture). There was a spider with a trap door in the dirt. Many plants that the Native Americans used and ate. We tasted a few of them. One tasted exactly like lemonade! The Nature Center held the kid's interest with bird's nests, bones, artifacts. The weather was nice and cool, perfect for walking around in comfortably.

We also had a very busy weekend! Olivia's tball came to a close with the season's closing ceremonies. Josh Bard, catcher for the San Diego Padres made a visit to our little town and Olivia was lucky enough to get her cap signed by him.
Dan, Olivia &San Diego Padres Josh Bard
Then, we rushed off to see our niece, Jenny graduate from Torrey Academy, where she had spent her last 4 years studying both on campus and at home as a homeschooler. She's off to Chapman to study dance and education. We're very proud of her!
The Grad
Livie got to connect again with her little cousin David, whom she loves so very much! She wouldn't stop talking about him all the way home, about how she wants a play date with him again very soon (David & MUST come down for a visit!!!)
David & Livie

It's been a busy few days and I'm actually looking forward to some down time.
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