Thursday, July 31, 2008

Be Heard

Museum of Making Music
This week we went to a wonderful museum, The Museum of Making Music in Carlsbad. I'd heard about it but didn't know exactly what to expect, but found it to be so interesting and fun for the girls and myself. We got down there an hour early and took a little stroll across the street where we could see out over the Carlsbad Flower Fields and see the ocean view. We love coming to the fields in the spring when the Ranunculus are in bloom, but currently the fields are empty of them. There were field workers attending to the soil. They were rototilling it with tractors, watering it down with sprinklers, and smoothing it out. It was interesting to see the preparations that take place in the off season. The girls could see and recognize spots that we had been to in the fields during the season such as the look out points, the road that the tram takes you along around the fields, the park area, and the gardening building. There were beautiful bouganvilleas of all sorts of pretty colors besides the usual pink that we usually see, white, orange, different shades of pink and red. They were gorgeous and lined the outside of the fields.

Bouganvilleas in full bloom
We sat and had a little picnic lunch in the grassy area in front of the museum and enjoyed talking to the elderly volunteers from the museum that were in and out (as it was the lunch hour). They were all so friendly and loved to share their knowledge and point out interesting things to the kids (while in the gift shop). One lady had a cute little shit-zu dog named Bunny that the girls both enjoyed playing with before the rest of our girl scout troop showed up for our tour of the museum.
The Museum was divided by time eras and went through all the different styles of American Music going back about 100 years. They had samples that they played of the music that they talked about. There were many antique instruments and artifacts on display. The docent that lead us around was very kind to incorporate bits of information that she knew were applicable to the music patch that the girls earned by visiting the museum. The girls all got very excited when they heard music that they recognized like the Beatles and the Beach Boys. It was also great fun to see some old MTV clips from the early 80s of the Talking Heads, Duran Duran, Blondie.
I think the most exciting and fun part of the day, though, was when they were able to play hands on, some of the instruments that they had seen, which were in an interactive room. There were drumsets, electric and acoustic guitars and banjos, keyboards, synthesizers for them to play. We moms all had great fun playing them as well!
Little drummer girl

Banjo playing Violet

Afterwards, Dawn and her kids and me and mine went to the Outlet Mall where there was a Ruby's Diner. We enjoyed some great diner food as well as some Oreo cookie, mocha, and peanut butter cup shakes! Oh yeah! They were good! We had to walk it off by strolling down the outdoor mall.

There was an awesome little button that one of the volunteers had given the girls before the tour, a little promotional button for an company called the Music Edge, that says "Be Heard" on it. I love it! So appropriate, musically, but also as a motto for children to be heard. I love listening to my kids as they tell me their thoughts, ideas, dreams.

They deserve to be heard and they have so much to offer.....if we just listen.

More photos here.
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