Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cotton Candy, Elephants, & Gardens.....It's Fair time!

Sugar Rush!!!
I'm not crazy about big amusement parks (i.e. Disneyland, etc....)mostly due to the crowds and the noise, but I enjoy taking the kids to the county fair. I think it's mostly because I love the exhibits, the variety of foods, the bright colors, the unusual performers. It is so completely different to an amusement park. And if you go on a weekday, the crowds are not nearly as bad as the weekends or even the evenings (as we were leaving around 5pm, lots of people were coming in....perhaps because Weird Al Yankovic was performing that evening). It would have been fun to see him, but we were all tired and ready to go home.
Del Mar Far entrance

This year's fair theme was Summer of Sports. There was a fantastic rotating statue of a discus thrower at the entrance of the fair. And throughout the fairgrounds the theme was evident on flags, exhibits and posters. Some of the kids favorite things are playing games for prizes in the Kid's Zone, riding the "kids" rides and the cotton candy! Violet got so excited when she saw a kid walk by with a Pokemon plush. She couldn't wait to play and win one. I was a bit apprehensive when we got to the first game booth. Olivia and Violet were the only two there to play the water squirting game. I thought surely, one of them was going to be very disappointed when she didn't win. Surprisingly, the carnival worker gave BOTH of them a prize! I thought that was so awesome of him and thanked him. For the rest of the day, I found the carnies to be so nice and sweet towards my kids. Violet finally got her Pokemon plush and Livie got a Hulk plush, so they were both quite happy. The Kid Zone also had a tented area with crafts, playing area and kids' artwork and collections displayed. Olivia loved playing on the riding hop balls and stacking blocks while there and Violet enjoyed seeing the kid's artwork and kids' collections. She liked the Pokemon card collection, Panda collection and Littlest Pet Shop Collection. I think she'd like to submit one of her own collections next year.
Carnival colors

Mmmmmm......funnel cake & cotton candy
Nana came with us, and we all enjoyed some funnel cake and almost immediately after, the girls both enjoyed some pure sugar cotton candy.

packin a pachyderm

Olivia had a great time on the rides. She mostly wanted to ride by herself. She's so independent and brave. She enjoyed the spinning ones and had fun going through a fun house with nana.
We had a wonderful time and look forward to going again next year! Our own local town fair is coming up in August. We'll be working the 4H booth again this year and Violet may be submitting an art project as well.

More photos in my flickr Del Mar Fair set.
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