Monday, July 21, 2008

Rocket rides, turtle rides and learning to dive - BSM

Learning to dive
This week, Violet was persistent in trying to learn how to dive. We were at her friend Hailey's house earlier this week, and Hailey had it down, so I think it encouraged Violet to keep trying to learn how to do it. So, ever since we've been home she tried it over and over and over.....
She did it!!!!!
until..........finally! She did it! We were all so excited for her. She's also had a lot of fun taking rocket launches from dad's shoulders while in the pool:
Take off....
Ready.....Set....... Blast Off!!!!
Rocket rides!
My girl is such a fish!!! She learned to swim when she was about 4 years old. She had been wearing a floatie, and one time, forgot to put it back on after a trip to the restroom, and jumped right in and started swimming! She is such an amazing swimmer. Now, that she's diving she dives from one end of the pool and swims the length of the pool underwater. She reminds me of a mermaid when she's graceful and beautiful with her hair flowing under the water. She's never had a swimming lesson and mostly learned by doing and with daddy's help and encouragement.
I think Olivia is ready to learn and may already be capable of it. Currently, she is still wearing a floatie swimsuit. I have a feeling that, like her big sister, when she's ready to go in without it, she'll already be swimming. She already uses her arms and legs while she's in there, and lately has been dunking her head under the water. She's been getting quite brave and jumping in with a floating ring around her. And, in the meantime, she really enjoys a "turtle-back" ride on daddy's back:
So, as you can see, we enjoyed this weekend exactly as I had hoped (see my Fillin-Friday#7)......relaxing at home with my family!!!!
daddy & his girls

I'm not sure if I have a Best Shot this Monday....I enjoy looking at them all as they remind me of how fortunate I am, how happy I am, and how much I love my family!

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