Friday, August 8, 2008

Bowling for cups........(& a musical question)

Livie's bowling alley


So, I see Olivia pulling out all these cups from the cupboard, and wondered what she was up to. She proceeds to set them up like bowling pins and pulls out her soccer ball and there you go.....instant bowling alley! Her and Violet and their friend Jared had fun knocking them down for a little while, and even Dan joined in the fun. Yes, she's wearing one of her capes. It gives you special bowling powers, don't ya know?

After a lot of consideration, I finally added some music to my blog....what do you think? I wasn't sure I liked that feature when I visited other's blogs........I guess it mostly depended on whether I liked their musical tastes. It is kind cool to find out what music others like and says something about their personality. I sometimes turn off the volume if I don't care for it, or if the kids are close by and don't want to hear it. It's also a great way to hear some new music that I might not have heard before.
At first I added upbeat, happy songs that I like and that mean something to me, but I also like some dark, moody stuff that reminds me of certain times in my life. I almost removed them, and I might still, but it also reflects me, I think (Staind, for example). Anyway, your thoughts..... Do you play music on your blog, do you mind hearing it on others?
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