Friday, August 8, 2008

Evening walks

Walking across the field with our dog, Bone
Explorers (& their dog)
balancing across the rocks in the field
Cross the field
beautiful evening skies

Evening clouds
To see it on black, check it out here: View On Black

or this one.....
late afternoon skies

Also, on black, here: View On Black

King of the mountain
King of the Mountain!

We've been taking these early evening walks, mostly initiated by Olivia. There's this great hill at the end of the road we like to take, or sometimes just the dirt roads in the neighborhood. We say hi to the horses along the way. See lots of squirrels and birds. Say "hi" to the neighbors. Pick up interesting rocks and sticks. See a lovely sunset.

The other day we got home and Olivia climbed atop Dan's truck. Such an adventurer. She's been climbing since she started walking. Used to be the kitchen table, though! Now, she's on to bigger things like hills............and trucks!
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