Friday, August 22, 2008

Fill In Friday

Time for another Fill In Friday, then off to finish loading our trailer!

1. Dancing to the some of my favorite songs while playing with the girls makes me full of joy!

2. Th. e last time I __________ I nearly __________.
(I'll have to think about this one.....I"m coming up blank)

3. When I drive I talk to the girls or sing along with the radio

4. I saw a lovely butterfly standing fluttering in my garden!

5. Give me some coffee, give me some flavored coffee cream, give me another day.

6. Next week I am looking forward to visiting my friend and her kids, taking her out for a birthday lunch or dinner, tonight I am going camping with a group of wonderful Unschoolers! and on Sunday return home, unpack, do a lot of laundry, feed the neighbors horse and chickens and have a restful night in my bed!

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