Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More on our NBTS campout

Riding up the old highway
What I loved most about our NBTS campout on my friend's property in Santa Ysabel, besides the beautiful locale, the great friends, the fun the kids had......was that there wasn't the typical rules that you find in state or county campgrounds. Bone (our dog) was free to run around with Jennifer's dogs on the property, no leash required. The kids had wide open areas to run and play in without having to worry about anything (except poison oak, but we did show them what it looked like and to be aware of it). They could ride their bikes up and down the long driveway and old highway, without helmuts (if they or their parents chose-wasn't dictated by a park officials). No bedtimes or lights out times (though we were respectful of others' downtimes). Play on play structures, trees, rocks the way that they wanted to. When we had a local area historian speak, the kids were not "required" to sit and listen. If they chose to, they did. If not, they were off playing "duck, duck, goose" with their friends. So much freedom! I know these kids will have some wonderful memories of their childhood free from classroom confines.
It was a wonderful way to celebrate NBTS (Not Back to School) for our free, unschooled kids to enjoy.
Rocking the horse
Some of the things we enjoyed were Karaoke. The girls especially loved hearing & singing to HSM tunes. Jennifer has a lovely voice and sang along to some beautiful nostalgic tunes. We enjoyed a healthy, tasty potluck on Saturday which included salads, fajitas, grilled veggies, tortillas, avacados, "The Senseis" grilled hamburgers, and more. Lots of bike riding, trike riding, car riding, scooter ridings going on. Hair salon sessions in our trailer. Pokemon role playing, card games, book reading, and don't let me forget the s'mores! The kids loved them.
We had so much fun, we're hoping to plan a springtime Campout, when the wildflowers are in bloom and the weather is cooler.

Master smores maker
Here's how we spent yesterday, while the local kids started back up in school; writing letters to grandma, creating books, reading about how babies are made (Olivia asked me some questions), as well as reading about the stomach, teeth, cells. Went to Der Weinerschnitzel for corn dogs and ice cream (discussed what "Der Weinerschnitzel" meant and looked up later, and which is the incorrect use of German used by native English speakers). All the while singing songs on the way. Olivia made up a song about Spiderman to the tune of "Found a Peanut"! LOL Went to Big Lots to take advantage of the deals on "school products", which for us was writing paper, drawing pads, crayons, & pens. Afterwards, in which we stopped at the library and picked up some books on Jamaica, Pokemon, Spiderwick Chronicles, and played on the library computer.
One of her faves
Violet likes dipping her fries into ice cream.
Ice cream & french fries
Now, Livie does too!
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