Monday, August 25, 2008

NBTS Campout

Short hike on a tall dude
We spent a fun weekend with friends for a NBTS campout. We took a short hike up behind our friend's property. This one was one of my favs, mostly because I just love seeing daddy getting to enjoy time with his girls since we mostly go to park days during the week without him. So, he doesn't get to enjoy them out in the outdoors except for our short hikes through our neighborhood at home in the evenings.
While others are bustling around with back to school goings ons, Violet is busy writing a letter to grandma, Livie is cutting paper and making mini-books with letters on them, and we are on our way out to the library, because Violet would like to get some books on building doll houses and doll house furniture. So other than the cars all driving by our house at 8 in the morning, it is another typical day of unschooling for us. And, I love it that way.

PS Violet just showed me the letter and it has pretty curly letters and lots of doodled pictures on it.....grandma will love it!
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