Thursday, August 21, 2008


Violet & Livie

nature hike

Lots of frogs!!!!

A friend and I started up a local park group a few weeks ago. Last week we went to a local park where there were thousands of frogs on the algae. They were sooo still! Earlier this spring the lake was almost empty. Now, it's full and thriving with life. We could even hear a big old bullfrog on one side of it. It's been pretty warm, thus, the algae. Must be ideal for the frogs. I think they thought they were camoflauged by the algae. The kids enjoyed walking around the lake watching the frogs and ducks and picking up various sticks and stones, tossing them at the frogs and watching them jump and dive into the water. Even though it was pretty warm out the kids played for hours and had a great day.

We've also been spending a lot of time at the beach (once a week is a lot for us!) with our Unschooling group. This week had a wonderful turn out! There must have been 20 kids. It was a beautiful day at La Jolla Shores. The water was nice, blue skies, lots of friends to hang out with and play with. Violet especially likes hanging out with her friend Kai. We have also been bringing along some of our schooled friends who are out for the summer. Her friend Hailey came with us this week. Olivia loved running back and forth along the shoreline and digging in the sand, of course!

Violet just informed me that they named the lake Frogtopia while had to change my header. Her title is so much more exciting!
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