Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Being "Neigh!"borly

munch, munch, munch

A little over a month ago, our neighbors told us they'd be gone for a month and wanted to know it the girls wanted to make some summer money. They wanted us them to feed the chickens, their cat, & their pony Coco and water their vegetables. It would be for an entire month, so there was a nice incentive of dollars to be earned. Although, my husband said he'd do it for free (to me) it was a nice way for the girls to help out a neighbor and earn some Jamaica money for next month (Yes! We're going to Jamaica, Mon! Woo Hoo!). They both enjoyed going over there and feeding the pony and seeing the cat Pumpkin, even though he wasn't the friendliest cat. He's an old tom with torn ears and the scraggly voice of an old timer. Lucky for us the plums were dripping with ripeness and falling off of the trees so the girls had a special treat every time we went over. He also had some lovely ripe beefsteak tomatoes, they were huge and yummy! The pears were also ripening as well and we enjoyed a few of them also. Although it's next door, it's a little trek there so we'd often keep on walking for a little while before or after. We were happy to share some of the fruit with friends at park day as it would have otherwise gone bad on the ground. He also has some pumpkins growing which should be quite large by Halloween time.


barn cat

struttin' his stuff

Although, my husband and I did a lot of the chores, (girls would sleep in, so I'd go early to open up the barn and let the animals out & husband would go in the evening if we weren't home yet), I think the opportunity gave them a sense of neighborlyness and they had fun while doing it. The bonus, each of them getting $100 dollars for a month's worth of work! There were some pretty excited looks on those faces when he handed over the cash : )
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