Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Fall!

What a lovely way to spend the first day of fall. I was hoping the Summer would stretch out indefinately. And for a fall day, it was quite a wonderful day at the beach. We met up with our unschooling friends for our weekly park day at Moonlight Beach. Just the name conjours up a beautiful setting, and I think that this might be one of my new favorite beaches in San Diego. Especially since the crowds are gone and we had the beach to our little group's self. The kids didn't want to leave and I wasn't in a hurry to either. I was enjoying the conversations, watching the kids have a great time, it was a very clean beach and the water was even still warm!

Boogie girl

Violet spent much of the day with her friend Kai, boogie boarding and talking Pokemon. Olivia had fun with her friends, rolling down the sand hill by the lifeguard station and playing by the water's edge.

Lets go boarding

livie in the sand

As the sun was setting, all were getting hungry and I think perhaps didn't want the fun times and good company to end, so we met up down the street at Angelo's where we enjoyed some yummy food and a room to ourselves before heading home.
Looking forward to seeing you all next time!
Submitted to Stacy's Theme Thursdays over at The Land of Ka. Go check out hers and others wonderful photos depicting this week's theme, idleness.

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