Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mingei Int'l Museum and a visit to Queen Calafia

Beaded pony
beaded horse from Mexico
Flying lady
Niki de St. Phalle sculpture suspended from the ceiling
Chinese Dragon
Chineses Parade Mask
We visited the The Mingei International Museum in Escondido which was featuring the exhibit - The Art of Play-kinetic toys of the world. There was also some of Niki de St Phalle's pieces there (which we love!) and many beautiful kites, masks, and puppets. It's inspired me to make some paper mache masks and puppets with the girls soon. I think that they would enjoy it. We all had a wonderful time and followed it up with lunch at a little cafe down the street and with a trip to Kit Carson to see Niki's Queen Calafia's Magical Garden with my mom and my brother Martin who is visiting from Monterrey.

Learning about the exhibitsLooking at the folkart toys

There were some interactive computers with maps of the world, where you could choose a location, then look at artworks from that area of the world . There was also a film playing which showed some of the creators of the puppets(in the exhibit) putting on shows with them. It was all quite interesting to us all.

Martin found a nice place to rest for a bit..... (one of Niki de St. Phalle's furniture pieces)

Nice place to sit & rest   ; )

The girls and I had a wonderful day spent with Uncle Martin and Nana.

Mart & his girls at Kit Carson
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