Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Soccer fun

Soccer buddies

The girls have both been having a great time with soccer. Violet had her first league game this past weekend, and Olivia her second. We had photos Saturday morning then back to back (actually overlapping) games. Violet in one field and Olivia in the field adjacent to it. Boy, my neck is sore. ; ) Sometimes, I think the most fun part of the game to the girls is running the tunnel at the end of the game and snack time! Just look at that smile on Violet.
The tunnel
I wanted to get a photo of Olivia protecting the goal. Their goal is only about 3 feet across, so when coach said to "protect the goal", you'd either see 4 kids, hip to hip, "protecting the goal", or in Livie's case, she'd stand in the middle of it, legs apart, and hands over her head and to the sides actually holding the goal nets. It was hilarious, unfortunately no picture. Maybe I'll capture it next time.
Go get it!
Most of all, I love that they've both made new friends, are out in the sunshine, and that we get to be there to cheer them on.
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