Sunday, September 7, 2008

Soccer Opening Night

Leader of the pack
Just look at her! Is she having fun or what? She is really enjoying her first year of soccer with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. We had Opening Night for soccer this past Friday. We presented our banners (I made one for Violet's team) and the teams ran around the field as their team names were called. Violet is on the Flaming Ice Cubes. I had volunteered before I knew the actual name of the team....that was a tough one. But, I took it literally and made some "flaming ice cubes". I had googled it to find out what the heck it was supposed to mean and found a UK Rock Band on MySpace and a Vegan cafe in Ohio. Pretty interesting stuff, huh?
Violet & our banner
My first ever attempt at a banner, so please don't laugh too hard!
Violet had a rocky start with the team. Initially, she didn't want to play. Then, once we were signing up Olivia, she decided she did. At first practice, she again decided she wasn't sure that she wanted to play. She hasn't played in a few years and told me that she was afraid that it would be very competitive and too hard. I talked to her about it, talked to her about committment to a team, the opportunity of making new friends in town, that she would be more conditioned over time and practice, and that I thought she would really enjoy it once she got going. She said she'd think about it. We weren't going to force her to play if she really didn't want to. Well, turns out the coach is a homeschooler. She was very supportive and encouraging to Violet and suggested that maybe she would like to try out for goalie or be a half-back (Violet's biggest concern was all the running she'd have to do). So, the coach spent some time with her at a goal practicing and Violet found that she did actually enjoy it. They've since had a scrimmage game where she played goalie and kept every single ball out. I think it was a real confidence booster for her, and she's since made a few friends and is really enjoying it all. I'm proud of her and glad that she decided to stick with it.
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