Monday, September 29, 2008

Todays the day ~ BSM

"I'm a Junior now!!!"
She's been waiting for this day all summer. Violet bridged up to Junior at our last girl scout meeting. After 3 years of being a Brownie, selling girl scout cookies, earning Brownie try-its, she's ready. She's looking forward to working on Junior activities which involve a bit more when earning badges and doing lots of community service activities (these girls came up with some great ideas for service).
Here's a few more from the day she'll cherish for a long time....
make new friends....but keep the old
Make new friends but keep the old...moving up from Brownies but remains great friends with the girls who remain Brownies in her troop.
Crossing the bridge to the Jr world!
Crossing the bridge from last time as a Brownie.
New Jr Cadette sash
Receiving her Jr Sash from Ms. Dawn, our Troop leader.
Pinning the new jr

Getting pinned which makes her officially a Junior!

If you haven't guessed the first picture is my favorite and get's BSM for that great smile alone!

For more treasure moments in the now, go check out Tracey at Mother May I for Best Shot Monday.

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