Thursday, October 2, 2008


Lots of apples
Our troop went to the Raven Hill Orchard in Julian this week. It's a pesticide free, organic apple orchard. The orchard has 8,000 trees and has every kind of apple you could want. We picked our own and later went to our friend's house to peel, core, cut up and make apple pies and apple crisps with them.
long, long, long away

one of many rows

Raven Hill Orchard
There were some wonderful metal sculptures on the property made by the owner, Patrick.
The Raven

Raven Hill Orchard
Patrick was such an interesting guy. He had an Irish accent, and lives in a teepee on the property. He has an affinity for Ravens, which he told me that in Celtic and in Norse mythology represents a connection between the spiritual world and ours. I had to look it up when I got home and found this site with some more info, and I think I'd like to find out more about it. I especially love the Norse mythology, a good reason to bring it out again! : )
Raven Hill teepee
A picture of the teepee made by Patrick
Lots of great ????s
Patrick invited us all in his teepee where he answered many questions from the kids. I think they were mostly interested in how he killed animals for food, as they asked many related questions to it (he had several hides, snake skins, horns, etc. in his teepee).
The girls coring & peeling apples
We finished the day by going to Jennifer's where the girls cored and skinned the apples with an apple corer tool, then made apple pies and apple crisps with them.
It was a fun, memorable day, especially the talks with Patrick.

Our finished product.....the moms got a little creative with some designs on the pies!
3 hearts
3 hearts pie
The raven and the tree pie
Raven, moon and tree pie
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