Monday, October 27, 2008

BSM-scariest shots

**WARNING** My BSM (Best Shot Monday) at the bottom of the post is not for the weak of heart! Be warned!!!!

Vampiress and Black Ninja
The girls look pretty scary this year for Halloween. They dressed up Friday night for a Monster Mash at the local school. Our neighbors, who's boys go there, invited them.
Watch out!
They've both wanted to be what they are for some time now. Violet has wanted to be a vampiress and Olivia a Black Ninja.
Oooh, scary
Violet is especially scary with her costume on and make up done.....
I vant to suck yer blood!
She's developed a strong taste for blood!
Yes, blood!
Which became quite evident when blood was to be found.......
lunch time! (for vampires)
Which happened to be found on an episode of House, which happened to be on at the most opportune moment. BwaHaHaHa!!!!!(Big, scary laugh here!!!!) Which also happens to be my BSM for it's pure scariness factor in itself!

For more BSM go to Tracey's Mother May I.

Oh, and go join the Pumpkin Patch Parade. Link pictures of your kids in their costumes or pumpkins carved or anything Halloween!
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