Sunday, October 12, 2008

Jamaica Funk...that's what it is!

Let it get into you (click link for some old school Jamaicaan funk!!)....okay old schoolers, remember that one? HE, he. I guess that dates me huh? Well, we're enjoying beautiful Jamaica! I've been a few places but this has got to be one of my new favorites. The weather is perfect, the water is blue and feels like a hot tub! Fish nibbling at your toes, crabs walking across the walkways, beautiful sunsets, reggae music, wonderful people. We are loving it! The girls are enjoying the caribbean sea, the pool, the fun activites for kids, the buffets. They got their hair braided and look so cute as little Jamaicaan princesses. And this is just day 2. We took a red eye from LAX and spent the first day sleeping and taking it easy. Today we went on a glass bottom boat, played in the pool, relaxed in the warm, blue Caribbean and a rode a water trike. Many more things planned but thought I'd upload a few of the things we've done today so far, while Livie's taking a little rest.
Enjoying the sandy beach

Enjoying the beach

Sunset view from our room
Last night's sunset from our room, need I say more.....'

I'll post more to my flickr as the week goes on.
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