Monday, October 6, 2008

Miley's Sweet Sixteen Celebration

That's the ticket
Sometimes this blogging world takes you to some really wonderful places. It's really amazed me the people I've met and the opportunities that have come our way. Recently, I received an email inviting myself and 1 guest to a very special party.

(two photos above are press photos)

Although, the closest we got to Miley herself was this cardboard photo of her, Violet had such a wonderful time at Miley Cyrus' Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party at Disneyland in Anaheim.
A ride with Miley
It started with a parade of stars driven in cars from It's a Small World to the front of the The Sleeping Beauty Castle. There were thousands of fans lined along the streets and it was hard to see, but we did get glimpses of Tyra Banks (American Top Model), Steve Carrell (The Office), and Cristian de la Fuente (Dancing with the Stars) before we had to leave the area due to the crowd's mass.

We saw more stars just walking around the park. We walked by Nick Simmons & Sophie about 5 times (their dad is Gene Simmons from KISS). Violet was also very excited to see David Archuleta (from American Idol). While waiting in line for Dance Revolution I noticed Rick Fox (from the LA Lakers) and Vanessa Williams (singer, actress Ugly Betty) taking photos of their girls who were dancing right in front of us. There were many of the Disney Channel show's stars there as well. There were some fun activities lined up for the night like makeovers, a game zone, make your own cd recording, dancing, as well as some of the rides were open, with pretty much no lines! And, a concert with Miley singing 4 of her songs, and her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus singing a few as well, including Achy Braky Heart (your remember that one don't ya!) and a great country rockin' version of Real Gone (from the movie Cars where it was sung by Sheryl Crow)

Signing Miley's giant card

Violet signed Miley's giant birthday card. And enjoyed a very sweet purple birthday cupcake.

Purple cupcake

One of the big announcements of the night took place when Disney presented a million dollar check to Youth Service America in Miley's name. YSA promotes young people to do volunteer work, building connections with their communities and participate in civic and political life of their communities. A great cause. More info can be found here.

At 11 pm Happy Birthday was sung to Miley and then a giant fireworks show. It was a full night and we were quite tired by the end of it. Violet was pretty excited about the goodie bags we received at the end of the night on the way out. They included Mickey ears, taffy, an Ultimate Band cd, a poster, and a dvd game all in a cute little black S16 bag.
Party good bag
More photos in my flickr set Miley's Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party.

And a few links with more details and photos from the event below:

DisneyLand News
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