Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More Jamaicaan fun...

Well....we're home. After a wonderful 8 days in Jamaica. What a truly beautiful piece of Paradise. It was everything we could have hoped for. Lush, green, clear, clean, friendly and warm. We stayed at Beaches Sandy Bay, which is a family, all-inclusive resort. The resort featured the Sesame Street characters throughout our stay. We went to a Character Breakfast where we were visited by Elmo, Cookie Monster, Grover, Ernie & Bert, Abby Cadaby, & Zoe. There were also evening dance shows, limbo, parades, and games. The girls enjoyed Story time with Elmo, and Hide the rubber ducky with Ernie. The staff there were wonderful. So friendly and warm, especially towards the girls. Every evening we enjoyed live reggae music at the resort by some wonderful musicians. I'll be humming reggae tunes for weeks. : )
Big hugs from Zoey
We also visited the sister resort down the road, Beaches Negril, where they featured the lazy river and a water slide. We all enjoyed cruising around the lazy river which is only about 3 feet deep, but has a constant stream of water which floats you around and around. The girls loved it! Violet & Dan enjoyed the huge waterslide. I even tried it! Whew! It was crazy!
Lazy river at Beaches Negril
While the girls enjoyed the pools at the resort a lot (they met many new friends while there, including some new pen pals from Montego Bay), Dan & I couldn't get enough of the warm, clear waters of the Caribbean. We were told it has healing powers with more than 25 natural minerals that are good for you in it. And, I believe it. It was so relaxing, I could stay in it all day. You would see little crabs digging under the sand below your feet, little fish, we also saw many different fish and coral on a snorkeling excursion, as well as a sunken cannon.
Daddy & Livie
Big iguana at Dolphin Cove
We also went to Dolphin's Cove about 3 hours away, where Violet and Dan swam with the dolphins. They actually got to hold the fins and go for a ride! Olivia and I enjoyed the dolphin encounter where we got to pet and kiss a dolphin. Olivia loved it! She now says she'd like to be a dolphin trainer when she grows up. There was a pirate's cove where we saw "pirate's" handling stingrays and put on a show. We also saw a big iguana and beautifully colored macaws. It was a fun day. (no photos allowed of the dolphins....they take them and charge you for them), but memorable, nonetheless!
It was a wonderful time, but we're glad to be home. Olivia continues to say "Can we go to Jamaica next year for vacation?" It is definitely a come back to place, and I think we'll be visiting again another time.
Many more photos can be found here.
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