Sunday, November 16, 2008

Eat, Play, Love

Borrowed from this, of course. Just stuff we got into this week.

First some eating......

Some cooking by that famous French Chef, Violetta

Cooking show

Her house special.....
Pancakes a la Violetta

On to some playing.....
Lego robot
Building some Lego creations
Lego cart Little lego car
and Jenga blocks
Jenga tower
And the love. Well, the love I have to say this week was in creating. The girls loved stamping and drawing...
Stamping fun
Violet created an "Ungod King"
and an "Ungod Princess"
Just so you know, we were talking about Religions and the different beliefs in different Gods earlier in the day, so Violet decided to create some Unschooling Gods. So....a new religion is born.

Can't forget the "ungod little princess"

I enjoyed stamping some cards
Stamped with love
(that's Livie peeking behind the cards LOL)
and some earrings....
Some new earrings
There was also some love of learning......using a telescope to look at bugs
Looking a bugs.....really close!
and birds
Birdwatching in the backyard

Yellow finch

using our microscope kit
Preparing a slide

Using her microscope

We don't usually spend so much time at home during the week. But, this week we happened to stay home every day.... Amazing all the things we did while home. It was a great week!
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