Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A girl scouts

Lighting her friendship candle

Friendship candle

The girls participated in a beautiful re-dedication ceremony for girl scouts yesterday. My dear friend and troop leader, Dawn lead a lovely friendship candle ceremony and pinned the girls with their pins and presented them with a re-dedication patch.

Dedication/Rededication GS ceremony

The girls all thanked her with a card and a bouquet of fall flowers. Thank you Dawn for all you do for our troop and for girls scouts as a whole. You do so much and dedicate so much of your time and we thank you!

Thank you Ms. Dawn!

The girls also went for a short nature walk to collect fall leaves for a craft project and while gone they stopped and visited Coco, our neighbor's pony. It was a lovely fall day, cool out (finally!) and we all enjoyed some fun times and a yummy potluck of homemade mac & cheese, homemade bread, an Asian noodle dish, fresh tomatoes, chips and avocados, followed by some cookies and pies. We're all looking forward to another fun-filled girl scout year of activities and being with our friends.
Visiting Coco

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