Saturday, November 22, 2008

SOOC Saturday ~ Colorful evening skies

Looking out my kitchen window, while shelling some shrimp for dinner I saw beautiful reds, purples, orange coming from the west. Such a lovely sunset, I couldn't miss capturing it with my camera.....

Colorful skies

Mt Woodson in the eve

In this one above, you can see Mt Woodson. An upscale area of town with private golf courses and a castle on the grounds.

Silohuette of Mexican Sage

This one, I got down low behind some Mexican Sage in our front yard to capture the sunset behind it.

All of these were taken SOOC, straight-out-of-camera. Taken with my Nikon D80, 70mm, lowest aperture on this lens 4.5 to allow more light, set on very vivid setting, speed 1/30. I always go with a faster speed then the metering indicates when capturing sunsets so that I can get more vivid color. With a slower speed you get a brighter picture which isn't as dramatic. And, no flash, of course, or you wouldn't get the silhouettes, which I love to capture.

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