Sunday, November 30, 2008

There be gold in them hills....

We made it up to Smith Ranch, a pioneering ranch up in the historic gold mining town of Julian last week with our girl scout troop. Mr & Mrs Smith authentically dressed as old time pioneers lead us on a PioneerWays Adventure. We learned the ways of the pioneers of the 1800's as we sawed logs, protected a fort, learned about the plants that were edible, turned sod with an old fashioned manual back hoe and so much more!
Ready, Aim, Shoot!

Inside the mine
The troop got to experience a real mine on the property.
Inside the mine
A little creepy back there in the mine, but really exciting. The girls both loved it!
Light at the end of the tunnel
They also got to do some panning for gold.
Panning for gold
The gold paid off when they traded it in for some licorice! It became a great motivator for some more panning for gold! : )
"I'm rich!!!!"
They also got to try out a rope bridge.
Violet on the rope bridge
Look at my brave girls! You won't see me up there!!! (Actually, it was only about 3 feet up)
Walking the rope bridge
They ground some wheat....
Grinding the wheat
And, kneaded it.....
They ran through a "storm" as they tried out to be Pony Express riders.
Tryouts for the pony express
We rode the SR&J railways
Train ride up the hill
as we enjoyed the beautiful scenery in the Julian hillsides of the Smith Ranch property.
Persimmon tree
What started as a cool, sprinkley day turned into a beautiful crisp one with wispy clouds and blue skies peeking from out behind.
Fruit tree orchard
An excellent close by Pioneer adventure.
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