Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bowling in tutus - BSM

Our play group met up at the bowling alley last week, while outside it was pouring down rain the entire day! One of our little friends showed up in this dainty, pretty little dress. It just put such a smile on my face.
Bowling in tutus

My favorite shot was the one above, but I have to share a closeup of her bowling shoes and party dress. So cute.

Tutu bowling

After bowling, we ended up at a local rec center where all the kids decided to put on a little dance show for us. I didn't bring in the camera with me, but we had plenty of break-dancing, Irish dancing, gynastic type moves, & freestyle to enjoy, and of course our little ballerina did some wonderful spins in her wonderful, sparkly dress.

More BSMs can be found over at Tracey's blog, Mother May I.

MotherMayI button

Have a wonderful Christmas, all! And, have a sparkly, twirly New Year!
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