Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It's been a wonderful year!

Words cannot express how great this past year has been. It seems each year gets better and better. Recovering earlier this year from a broken ankle from last November, things could only go up. This unschooling life is full of wonderful times, wonderful people, of course my wonderful family, but mostly I would sum it up with lots of love and memorable times. I hope you enjoy this slideshow with some highlights of fun times we've had with the girls. There's not as many photos of Dan and I as you can imagine, we're behind the camera often, and with him being at work during the days when we're out and about he isn't always there, but know that family times are obviously some of the most important times.

Hope you and yours had as fantastic a year and here's to a wonderful new year ahead of us.

Happy New Year my friends!
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