Monday, December 1, 2008

Sleepover-It's a 4thofhallowthanksmastine's party!

Violet and her friends had a sleepover. She came up with a theme from an idea she read about in an American Girl party book. It was called 4thofhallowthanksmastine's party . She organized the whole thing by herself. She made lists, invited some friends, did the shopping, did the decorating. She decorated the barn with Christmas trees, Halloween ornaments, streamers and balloons. They exchanged little gifts. They had caramel apples, popcorn, turkey sandwiches, candy canes and Dan made them a great cooked breakfast the next morning. The girls all had a great time. Interestingly enough, we had two unschoolers, 1 homeschooler (traditional) and one schooler. It was really interesting to see the dynamics and seeing the differences as it related to limits. You can see where limitations (those who had limits) creates want and desire to always be 1st or want more, especially in relation to bedtimes (staying up as late as they could), sweets (eating as much as they can), teeth brushing (self regulating), tv (not allowed to watch certain shows), etc. One thing they all had in common was their pure joy in being free to play, run, jump, scream, and just have a great time together. Their enthusiasm for life was contagious! It was fun to watch them jump on the trampoline in the dark, under the stars. They played their version of Simon Says. It was pretty hilarious.

Here's some photos taken of them with my camera with the flash, so you can actually see them!

Night jumping (on the trampoline)
1. trampoline fun, 2. wheeeee!, 3. through the net, 4. trampoline games

A few more from the sleepover....

Caramel apples
mmm, caramel apples
Let's dance!
Sharing stories
Playing pinball
playing some pinball
Walking the dog, before heading home for the day.
Violet & friends
Violet put a lot of work into it and I'd say it was really successful! The girls were so sweet and made me a nice card signed by all of them thanking me for having them over....I think Violet deserved the credit.
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